Cardinals versus Mets – “Clash of the Titans”

The Mets and Cardinals played and epic battle on Apirl 17, 2010 over 20 innings. David Daniels writes about his own epic struggle to follow the game during the movie “Clash of the Titans”.

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Cardinals vs Mets! Albert Pujols vs Johan Santana. A Titan vs a… well, Santana.

That’s about as close as you’ll get on the Mets. The classic confrontation of the unstoppable force verus the very movable but suddenly immovable Mets!

20 innings of crazy baseball which, after the 12th inning I mostly missed. Who can watch 7 hours of baseball? The game should have ended around 7pm. I had plans for 9pm to see “Clash of the Titans” so I kept my plans, as a promise is a promise.

Thanks to everyone on twitter who kept giving me updates after I couldn’t watch. Besides following @matthewcerrone and @dave_doyle I know I have @mr_met_fan updates coming straight through to my phone as well as updates from @miketino10 and @aiahrachel. Some Mets fans who crack me up, keep me updated as to the Mets score, and keep me entertained when I can’t get to a TV. I was probably the only person laughing in the middle of such a suspense filled movie. Continue reading “Cardinals versus Mets – “Clash of the Titans””

Mets May Bat Jose Reyes Third in St. Louis

Jerry Manuel has been talking publicly since spring training about hitting Jose Reyes third in the order until Carlos Beltran comes back. That may become a reality this weekend in St. Louis.

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There’s been a lot of chatter since the beginning of spring training that Jose Reyes would begin hitting third in the Mets’ lineup. Jerry Manuel told reporters that in spring training. He said that he likes the idea to “lengthen” the lineup without Carlos Beltran. The reporters keep bringing it up to Jerry, and it sounds like it might become a reality this weekend in St. Louis.

First, let me say that I have no problem with this at all. And I hope that Reyes hitting third in the order is successful until Beltran gets back next month. The baseball season is so long that it invites experimentation with the lineup to find the best configuration. But baseball has become so prominent in the public domain that it also invites people like me to comment or express my own opinion or dissatisfaction. I’d like to take this opportunity to do that… Continue reading “Mets May Bat Jose Reyes Third in St. Louis”

John Maine Rotation Spot Safe, For Now

John Maine has maintained his spot in the starting rotation despite two terrible starts to begin the 2010 season. His spot may not be secure for long.

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After John Maine’s 3 IP 8 ER blow up last night in Denver, there were some legitimate questions about whether he would stay in the rotation. Those questions were answered today by Jerry Manuel. Maine will remain in the rotation for now.

The beat reporters are all writing about Maine’s lengthy conversation with Manuel this afternoon in Colorado. And I think there is something admirable about sticking with your guys. I’m sure the rest of the players on the roster are happy about Maine not getting the boot so quickly. Continue reading “John Maine Rotation Spot Safe, For Now”

iPhone App Review- FanGraphs

The FanGraphs iPhone app review from David Daniels. The app displays real-time game logs and historical stats for all MLB games and players.

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I’m finding that I’m actively using this app on my iPhone when I can’t get to a TV so here’s my review – David Daniels

This app, simply called “FanGraphs“, gives you a quick update on all games being played throughout the day and in real-time. You can also get access to the same information at their website

I notice that I tend to go to this application rather than the Internet  to get updates on any Mets games I can’t catch on TV, especially the day games I miss while I’m at work. But the app can be used to follow every game being played at any time. It’s a really great tool for those of us who get a little busy. Continue reading “iPhone App Review- FanGraphs”

Mets’ Jose Reyes To Return Saturday

Jose Reyes will come back to New York and return to the lineup against the Nationals after playing in rehab games in Florida.

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Jose Reyes has been rehabbing in Florida and getting in shape after his bout with a thyroid problem. He’s playing in one more game today and then coming back to New York tomorrow.

The Mets plan to have Reyes in the lineup on Saturday against the Nationals. That’s the first day he’s eligible to come off the disabled list after being added retroactively to March 26.

From NY Times:

“Barring any setbacks, we anticipate that, the physical conditioning part of it is going extremely well,” Manager Jerry Manuel said. “He’s getting enough at-bats, so we will do another evaluation on Thursday after he plays in St. Lucie.”

I think that we all like Alex Cora, but hate seeing him on the field everyday. Reyes’ return is going to be huge boost to this team in the field and the clubhouse. I can’t wait to see him back out there on Saturday.

Mets 2010 Season Preview – Top 10 Questions

The Mets are going into 2010 with question marks at every position on the field. They’re taking a 70-win team in 2009 and only adding Jason Bay to the mix. Is that enough to make a run at the World Series?

When I was in Port St. Lucie watching the last week of Mets spring training, a lot of thoughts about the team were running through my head. There are so many questions marks on this roster. This was a 70-win team last season and Jason Bay is the only major change. It’s a big gamble the Mets are making to go into the season with so many players that couldn’t play up to their potential last year.

If you’re a Mets fan, you’ve probably already read too many season previews from every mainstream media outlet. So I won’t bore you with another one that reads the same way.

I’m usually a very optimistic fan about the Mets. How can’t you be? They put more financial resources into the team than any other ownership group in the league. But there are some major questions about this year’s version of the Mets that I’ll ask below. We won’t know the answers for at least a month, maybe more.

Continue reading “Mets 2010 Season Preview – Top 10 Questions”

Are We All Pumped for Mets 2010 Opening Day?

It’s time for Mets fans to get pumped up about opening day 2010! We’re all concerned about some shortcomings on the roster, especially about who will step up as the leader of this team.

Courtesy of jessicafm via FlickrI know I’m pumped for opening day! I’m going through my closet right now looking for a jersey of some player, any player, who’s not on the disabled list. Where’s that David Wright jersey?


By the way, the Fan Misery Index has jumped to 8.13 out of 10. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out my last post… and check out some of the pictures Dave got from Spring Training this week…

I’m still trying to figure out this team chemistry-wise. I have heard all spring from bloggers covering the Mets and WFAN that the clubhouse atmosphere is so much better than last year with the additions of Jeff Francoeur and Jason Bay. I hope so.

After watching the Yankees struggle for the first part of last year, they seemed to kick it into gear but only after a few of the new players shook things up.

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