Cardinals 4 – Mets 3 April 16, 2010

MLB: Mets vs Brewers SEP 3 Mets lost their seventh game of the year and it’s already starting to get old. They did go up against Chris Carpenter who threw 7 innings and only gave up 1 unearned run. So there is the built in excuse for losing that they ran into a buzz saw tonight. But I’m getting tired of the excuses over the last year.

The bright spot of the game was Oliver Perez for a change. He went 6.1 IP giving up only 1 run, which scored after he left the game. We haven’t seen many lines like that from Perez over the past couple of years.

But there are no moral victories in professional sports. The Mets  lost. Again. Continue reading “Cardinals 4 – Mets 3 April 16, 2010”

Mets’ Maine May Lose Rotation Spot

NEW YORK - JULY 10:  Manager Jerry Manual #53 ...
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The Mets have to think long and hard about pulling John Maine from the rotation. But he’s had two awful starts to begin the 2010 season. And what has he done recently that he deserves any more of a chance than that? The Mets can’t allow him to put up stinker after stinker. Where’s the fast start that Jerry Manuel’s been telling us about? Maine is killing that fast start.

You may recall that I recommended that the Mets non-tender Maine last October. Clearly, that’s looking like the right move in hindsight. But that’s neither here nor there at this point.

Despite getting bombed for 3 runs in 0.1 IP last night, Fernando Nieve should take over the spot. He can lengthen out after working out of the bullpen. He was fighting Jon Niese for the last spot in the rotation three weeks ago. So it won’t take him long to be ready. It’s a no-brainer to me. Continue reading “Mets’ Maine May Lose Rotation Spot”

Rockies 11 – Mets 3 April 13, 2010

MLB: New York Mets at Los Angeles Dodgers Mets lost their third straight game to start the series in Colorado. John Maine was crushed for 8 runs in 3 IP. He had absolutely nothing and gave up 6 runs in the third inning with two outs. It’s starting to get ugly again for the Mets, not exactly the hot start that Jerry Manuel talked about all spring.

The Good – nothing

The Bad – Maine was horrible again and appears to have lost velocity; Jason Bay and Angel Pagan muffing a fly in left-center; Fernando Tatis looking uncomfortable at first base on a bad throw from Maine; Fernando Nieve giving up 3 runs in 0.1 IP

Just an awful effort from the Mets. That’s all there is to say. And I hate the live calls coming into the booth during blowouts. It’s so desperate, and  leads to Cohen and Hernandez senselessly defending their employer.

Box score

Poll: Mets 2010 Fifth Starter

As usual, one of the biggest position battles in Mets spring training is for the fifth starter. Although the fifth starter can be a conglomeration of garbage, I really like the options that the Mets have for this season. Last year, the battle was between Livan Hernandez and Freddy Garcia. What a mess that was! By the way, have you seen the video of drunk Freddy Garcia at this year’s SoxFest getting fans excited for the season? A sloppy, drunken, expletive-filled, aging fifth starter is sure to get the Chicago fans pumped about the season.

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Mets 2010 Spring Training Lacks Competition

New York Mets at New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in New York

There have been two big surprises about the Mets coming off their 70-win disaster of a season last year. First, the Mets and Omar Minaya didn’t do more to improve the team via trades and free agency. Second, there aren’t many position competitions on the field in spring training. We’re basically going to see the exact same team we saw last year, plus Jason Bay.

The first point we’ve argued about all winter. Some of us think the Mets should have done more in the offseason to shake up the team. Other fans have been on board with Minaya’s plan that there weren’t better players on the market than the Mets that are returning from injuries. Whether you’re on board with the plan or not, it’s finished and we’ll see how it plays out. If things don’t look like they’re working out by mid-season, it’s likely that Minaya and Manuel are finished with the Mets too.

The second point is an interesting one. You would think that a team coming off a horrible season would have plenty of competition for playing time. But the Mets appear to be pretty set at most positions and that’s probably a bad sign. It’s very likely that we’re going to see the exact same team that drove into a brick wall last year.

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Mets Sheffield To DL; Niese Added To Roster

The Mets finally put Flickr photo courtesy of Keith AllisonGary Sheffield on the disabled list with a strained right hamstring. This is after a week of sitting on the bench and taking up a roster spot without playing. Sheffield said that he felt fine and was dressed to play about two hours before the game today. At least they’re able to make the DL retroactive to July 18, so he can come back in a week.

Jon Niese was added to the roster taking Sheffield’s spot to make the start in Houston tonight. Of course, he’s starting because Fernando Nieve tore a muscle in his quad in his last start.

Flickr photo courtesy of Keith Allison

Nieve Joins Mets DL, Sullivan Called Up

NEW YORK - JUNE 19:  Fernando Nieve #38 of the...
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The Mets add another player to the disabled list today in Fernando Nieve. He strained his right quad while running out a chopper in Atlanta last night.

Cory Sullivan will replace him on the roster for now. He was hitting .290 with 2 HR and 24 RBI in 286 AB at Triple-A Buffalo.

I would assume that Jon Niese will take Nieve’s spot in the rotation next time around. If not, it’ll be a major shock.